Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Move 2 Bintaro

believe it or not.. i had to move to Bintaro. Three days after the notification.. i moved. What .. so quick.. Yep you're right... The actual plan was i were to move one week after the notification but the day after i was notified. Lightning strike broke our dsl modem so i had no choice but to move to Bintaro. My girl was furious with such decision (she had been mad before being told that i had to move to Jakarta) I understand her feeling for i feel the same.
It was a sad morning on Thursday November 25, 2004. With a chance i was able to make her accompany me to my boss place and wave me goodbye. Finally i left my hometown at 7. Goodbye Bandung.. i'll miss you alot. Rie.. i'll be back.. wait 4 me ok..

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Avee said...

got a long-distance-relationship sydrome, eh?
believe me, there's nothing better to do but enjoy it. then enjoy each and every second you can get near your loved one(s). ;)
anyways, i'm linking your blog to mine, kay?