Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Went to Jakarta

I went to Jakarta yesterday (Monday October 4th 2004) to take my sister's test card
went at 4.30 am using bus and arrived at Kp Rambutan bus station around 8.
I saw a civilized side of jakarta, the part i never knew was there until that time. The time was 8 o'clock on Monday, a very busy day, city bus were few for most of them were on the road, stuck by morning jam that usually happen in Jakarta during rush hour. From the bus window i saw many people got in line, perhaps about 200 of them waiting patiently under the began-to-get-hot-sky, waiting for PPD route 10 Kp.Rambutan-Kota to arrive.When the bus did arrive, they just kept inline,honoring people standing in front, the ones apparently had been inline earlier than him or her,to get in the bus first.it was so touching considering that it was the only queueing happened at the terminal that very morning, maybe the only queueing happened in Indonesia in the morning. Very contrast to what happened on other routes where people had to fight their way to get into a bus.
Really, i couldn't help imagining if only all other route showed what the PPD route 10's passenger showed.
I remember what my dad told me. he went to Singapore once. On one occaseion he and his friend wanted to take a ride using city bus and he saw that people got inline just like i saw yesterday. being like that showed something, for me it showed me about civilized people, people who thought about others' right and not egocentric. I dream of that. Hopefully one day we can be like that

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