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How to Save Money
Here are some advices to help you save your hard-earned money

1. Don't use shopping as a recreation or amusement.
If you don't need to shop, don't go shopping simply because you are
bored. Just stay home. Window-shopping will change your spending
obsession which will lead to a purchase.

2. Don't Go to Shopping Mall Often.
Don't go to shopping mall for recreation. It will lure you to make
some unnecessary expenses. Just go to the shop that sells that thing.
Yet, you'll probably get things cheaper there.

3. Avoid Using Credit Card.
It's easier to overspend when you're pulling from a bank or credit
account because you don't know exactly how much is in there. If you
pay cash, you can see your supply running low. Yet studies show the
average person spends less when paying with cash and much more when
paying with credit.

4. Leave Your Credit Card at Home and Take A Small Amount of Cash.
The easiest way to not buy anything is simply not to take any cash,
checks, debit cards, or credit cards with you when you go out. Just
take a small amount of cash with you for emergencies.

5. Reconsider Before Purchasing the Thing You Desire.
Try to reconsider: Do you really need that thing? Sometimes what you
want is not really what you need. And sometimes it only tempts you
awhile. Postpone your purchase until the week after, ask yourself: do
you still want it? If the answer is yes then ask a few of your friend
whether it is a good purchase.

6. Buy Used.
Consider buy used. When you're interested in fancy toys such as
Blackberry, professional camera or designer bag, try to look for them
in eBay.

7. Sell Things You Don't Use.
Don't let your house become full of things you don't use no more. Sell
them in eBay. You can get more space in your house, you can get more
money from the auction and you improve the your life efficiency.

8. Trim Your Expenses.
Consolidate your debts, stop gambling, use only one cellphone, use
public transports instead of your own car, Make your own coffee
instead of go to Starbucks, rent DVD and watch it with your friends
instead of go to the movie, hang out with your friends at home instead
of bar or club.

9. Set goals for your savings.
Make both short-term and long-term goals. Set a goal about how much
you should save in a certain timeframe.

10. Evaluate your expenses records.
What you save falls between two activities and their difference: how
much you make and how much you spend. Write down everything you spend
your money on. Be as detailed as possible. Then evaluate it. You'll
see which activity that caused unecessery expenses.

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