Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The conclusion: It will be Me..... !

It happened around 10 years ago. We were (and i do hope still are- in hearts) very close buddy. So close, sometimes we gather around 3-4 times a week doing trivial things. Me, Armen, Rosul, Wie, Arief and Meymey (plus Abah who quickly disappeared). All of us were very young-being mostly at our early twenties, naive, single, and carefree. We could spend hours, and hours of talking and discussing about anything, mostly unimportant.. well you know.. youngster kinda chat..
On one occasion.. i guess there only Me, Armen and Rosul at the time we talked about many things and, long story short, we made a promise: the three of us. The first one get married would have to treat the rest of Ben Kwat Pay (that's how we calloed our little group), the second one could walk away free, while the last one would surender himself to be 'thrown' into the the cooling reservoir of mechanical engineering department of ITB after he got married, viewed by the other two and our partners. Being so young and reckless we didn't really thought about the consequences and what might happen ahead of us. that it might just a laugh and anything but to be taken seriously.
Years passed and we're grown. We faced our challenges, our time of trials, our high and down time, and also our separation.. and also our own reality.
Armen finished his study at mechanical departement of ITB in 1997, got scholarship and finished his post graduate around year 1998/1999. Got a job in Jakarta and married to our high school classmate (i guess the only couple from our class so far, and may be the only one) in February 2000, becoming the second in our Ben Kwat getting married (After Wie in 1998),and also fulfilled his promise to treat us (at his wedding reception hehehe).
Suddenly it became the undeclared battle for the second between Me And Rosul.
I got a girl first and we've been together for 6 years now, yet, let's just say that we haven't got the blessing to get married (i'll tell about it in other time/blog entry).
Rosul.. well due to our work and place we hardly meet. perhaps only couple of times in a year. He graduated from electrical engineering of ITB in 1996, almost cum laude, get a-$100/day job in Jakarta, worked there for 2 years then quit and start entrepreneurship and still to today, i guess.
Well a few weeks ago he called me early in the morning informed that he would get married on this upcoming january 29, 2006.
HA!.. so The conclusion is.. it will be me to go down the cooling pool, after i got married, viewed by the others and our soulmates.
... Come to think of it.. I might gladly doing it considering my state at the moment.... (sad sigh)

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